Mount Clone Database in TSPITR
Backup to ZFS Storage Appliance Best Practices for Exadata Database Machine
Exadata Software is Released
DBMCLI for Exadata Database Servers
Auditing On Physical Standby Database With XML
A Deep Dive Into ASM Redundancy In Exadata
TIMESTAMP To DATE Conversion With Online Redefinition
Standby Database SCN - X$Kcvfh
Auditing On Oracle Database In A Nutshell (11gR2)
Active Data Guard 12c New Features - Oracle Day 2014
Exadata MAA Presentation - Oracle Day 2013 Istanbul 
Packt Publishing e-book Promotion 
The Book is Out! 
Data Guard Queries
TROUG - Oracle EBS Day 2013
About "Expert Oracle Database Architecture" Book
Delete Force Noprompt Backuppiece
Moving OCR & Voting Files In 11gR1 (Using Raw Devices)
Basic Oracle LogMiner Steps
My Presentations At DOAG And UKOUG 2012 Conferences
TROUG Day 2012
TROUG Exadata SIG Meeting 2012
Book Review: Oracle Database 11gR2 Performance Tuning Cookbook
My Presentation at OUG Ireland Conference 2012
Automatic Block Media Recovery on Maximum Performance Mode
A Grid Infrastructure Installation Adventure
[INS-20802] Oracle Net Configuration Assistant Failed
Book Review: Oracle WebCenter 11g PS3 Administration Cookbook
Book Review: Oracle Enterprise Manager Grid Control 11gR1: Business Service Management
RMAN Channels, Parallelism, Multisection Backups & Multiplexing
My OOW 2011 Presentation
Book Review: Oracle GoldenGate 11g Implementer's Guide
Presenting at TROUG Day 2011
Dataguard Notes
Dataguard on Different Operating Systems 
Rman-03009 Ora-19554 Ora-27211 (2)
Opatch Error: OracleHomeInventory Gets Null OracleHomeInfo
Dataguard Cascade Standby Database 
MRP Speed (Log Apply Rate of a Standby Database)
Oracle Database 11g RMAN Backup and Recovery Book
Transferring Oracle Files Between Databases in ASM
Authentication Failed!Null
Higlights From Ioug Data Security 2009
Hot Topics Of My Oracle Diary - 2
Hot Topics Of My Oracle Diary - 1
Shell Script To Check Dataguard Status
Limit User Connection Based On Time Interval
Catupgrd.Sql Script Hangs İn Upgrade
Cannot Load Exchanger Medium (Target Drive İs Busy.)
Connect Sqlplus And Run An Sql In A Shell Script
Delete Applied Archivelogs On Standby Database Upgrade With Dataguard
Maintenance Of Oracle İn An Hp Service Guard Cluster
Recover Deleted Oracle Files
Rman-03009 Ora-19554 Ora-27211
Security With A Different Point Of View
Performing A Recovery After A Resetlogs Option
Recover Dataguard With Lost Archivelogs
Enterprise Manager Login - Insufficient Privilege
How To Register Older Backups To Rman Catalog
How To Create An Rman Recovery Catalog Database
Recover Database Until
How To Query Rman Session Status
Changing Sys Password İn Dataguard Environment
Dataguard Performance
How To Recover A Database With Missing Archived Logs
Starting And Stopping Grid Control Services
Password Verify Function
Sqlnet.Authentıcatıon_Servıces = None
Grid Control Agent "Failed To Start Http Listener"
Explorıng Oracle: Standby Database With A Time Lag
Explorıng Oracle: Recovering 3 Tb Standby When The Archive Log İs Deleted/Corrupted Before Applying
Sql Loader Performance - Using A Larger Bind Array...
Asm Instance
Asm Rebalancıng
Asm Dısks – Dıskgroups
Database Automatic Startup On Hp-Ux
Audit Vault Installation Guide
Enterprise Manager Configuration For Active/Passive Clustered Database
Script To Restart The Oem Agent When It Has Failed
Commonly Known Tns Errors
How To Change Configuration For Enterprise Manager
Select Any Dictionary Privilege & Security
Ora-32004 Obsolete And/Or Deprecated Parameter
Repairing Standby Database With Datafile Creation
How To Query Dataguard Status
Changıng Log Fıle Sıze On Dataguard Confıguratıon
Dataguard Swıtchover Guıde (Physıcal Stanby)
Quıck Datapump Guıde
How To Query Database Sıze
Multıple Oracle Db, Agent Installatıons On Same Server

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