If you need to recover your database to a point in time by scn, sequence or time, you can use the following query to see the relation between time-scn-sequence, after restoring your database from a proper backup.



Sample Output:

------------------------------ --------- ------- ---------- ----------------- --------- ----------------
/arch/1_166_593039.arc 166 1 10-11-08 06:31:15 34516912
10-11-08 06:31:36 34521645
/arch/1_167_593039.arc 167 1 10-11-08 06:31:36 34521645
10-11-08 06:31:56 34527024
/arch/1_168_593039.arc 168 110-11-08 06:31:56 34527024
10-11-08 06:32:10 34532094
/arch/1_169_593039.arc 169 1 10-11-08 06:32:10 34532094
10-11-08 06:32:35 34537223

You can modify the where clause depending on your needs. SEQUENCE# gives the sequence number of the archive log. FIRST_CHANGE# and NEXT_CHANGE# specify the first and last System Change Number (SCN); FIRST_TIME and NEXT_TIME specify the starting and ending time of that archivelog. regarding to these information you can decide any of the following recover operations:

RMAN> recover database until sequence 162280;
RMAN> recover database until SCN 34527024;
RMAN> recover database until time '10-11-08 06:31:15'

,or if you want to manually control recover process with specifying archive logs one by one, you can use "until cancel" clause in SQL. This recovery process continues until you cancel. If your archive logs are not on their default path you can specify the full path of the archive logs in this recovery process.

SQL > recover database until cancel;

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  1. Brooke Kay says:

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  2. Jerome says:

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  3. Anonymous says:

    Simple and Clear.Good Job.

  4. WOW....Nice information and Thanks for sharing this valuble infomation it is very seful for all.

  5. For recover database until sequence 162280;
    Let us know from where the sequence 162280 was calculated?

    For recover database until SCN 34527024;
    Can we take SCN number 34537223, as it is the last scn of archive log?

    Same wise,

    For recover database until time '10-11-08 06:31:15';
    Can we take time 11-08 06:32:35, as it is the last timing of archive log?

    ------------------------------ --------- ------- ---------- ----------------- --------- ----------------
    /arch/1_166_593039.arc 166 1 10-11-08 06:31:15 34516912 10-11-08 06:31:36 34521645
    /arch/1_167_593039.arc 167 1 10-11-08 06:31:36 34521645 10-11-08 06:31:56 34527024
    /arch/1_168_593039.arc 168 110-11-08 06:31:56 34527024 10-11-08 06:32:10 34532094
    /arch/1_169_593039.arc 169 1 10-11-08 06:32:10 34532094 10-11-08 06:32:35 34537223


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